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Train Strong & Creatives Performers


Youth Performance Training (YPT) is designed to coach confident, creative and collaborative performers. Participants are trained using principles in performance training and required to immerse in the discipline of acting. Each workshop is designed to be a 90-minutes interactive workshop. 


青少年表演培训 (YPT) 旨在培养自信、富有创造力和反应能力强的表演者。 参与者将会有机会认知不一样体系的表演训练原则,并在90分钟里完成一个工作坊!

Cambridge Drama 课纲。


Target Group:

  • Aspiring Performers:
    Young individuals passionate about acting and performance.

  • Creative Communicators:
    Eager to express themselves through collaborative art.

  • Confident Learners:
    Committed to refining acting techniques and storytelling skills.

  • Youthful Enthusiasts:
    Excited about developing their talents and embracing the world of acting.

The workshops are carried out in the centre, schools and performing arts centres. Schools/ centres can also choose workshops that is suitable for their own context.


🔲 W1: Actor's Performance Principles

🔲 W2: Vocal / Musical Training

🔲 W3: Poetry & Script Writing

🔲 W4: Directing & Devising

🔲 W5: Suzuki Method of Actor's Training

🔲 W6: The Viewpoints Workshop

🔲 W7: Brecht & Epic Theatre

🔲 W8: Audition & Production Management

🔲 (Optional) W9 - W12: Performance Making


Duration: 90 minutes per workshop.
Cost: RM50/ student (Minimum 20 to Maximum 30 participants)
Transport Cost: Free for schools / institutions within Penang/ Kedah. 
(Interstate-travel cost to be included by schools from external states).

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