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Develop Confident Speakers

Our Performing Arts program focuses on developing creativity, expression, and confidence through expressive speaking (short stories, poetry, speeches) and practical speaking (public speaking and impromptu speeches).



Target Group:

  • Confident Communicators:
    Individuals seeking to improve public speaking, voice modulation, and communication skills.

  • Expressive Personalities:
    Those interested in harnessing body language, facial expressions, and emotion for effective storytelling.

  • Creative Minds:
    Individuals eager to explore dramatic arts, improvisation, and character development.

  • Collaborative Learners:
    Students excited to work with peers, engaging in group activities to enhance their performance skills.

Each semester comprised of 3 months and by the end of each semester, participants are required to participate in a public showcase as their testament and commitment of growth.

🔲 Pre-A1: Inspiring Kids (Aged 5 -7)

🔲 A1: Amazing Storytellers (Aged 7-9)

🔲 A2: Brilliant Heroes (Aged 10- 12)

🔲 B1: Confident Speakers (Aged 13-14)

🔲 B2: Dashing Presenters (Aged 15-17)

🔲 C1: Excellent Perfomers (Aged 17- 18)

🔲 C2: Fun-tastic Leaders (> Aged 19)

Monthly Learning Fee: RM100/ student
Learning Handbook: RM35 per semester
Registration (First Time Only): RM20/ student

Maximum 10 students per class to ensure personalised attention.

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