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英文语言掌握系统- “阶段”计划

Differentiated & Mastery Based Learning

Unlock language brilliance with "The Stages Program." Progress by mastering listening, reading, speaking, and writing at student's pace according to CEFR Framework.


This program is tailored for students from South East Asia, perfect for schools and language centers. Elevate your language journey today!


根据 CEFR 框架,按照学生的节奏掌握听、读、说、写,从而取得进步。


该计划专为东南亚学生量身定制,非常适合学校和英文语言中心。 今天就提升您的英文学习之旅!

Target Group:


  • Diverse Learners:
    Students at all English levels seeking comprehensive language growth.

  • Progression Driven:
    Those committed to step-by-step advancement.

  • Culturally Aware:
    Students interested in global understanding.

  • Language Mastery Aspirants:
    Those aiming for proficiency in all language skills.


  • Comprehensive Approach:
    Educators delivering progressive language learning.

  • Foundation Focus:
    Teachers nurturing strong language basics.

  • Global Education Advocates:
    Educators enhancing cultural awareness.

  • Proficiency Instructors:
    Teachers ensuring holistic language mastery.

Unleash Language Mastery with The "STAGES" Program by Leadspire Academy

Introducing The "STAGES" Program – your ultimate guide to mastering English step by step! Designed for students of all levels, each stage offers tailor-made activities that cater to varying proficiency levels.

Experience the power of progression. Students advance only after mastering the previous level, ensuring a strong foundation. The program isn't just about passing, it's about true mastery.

Explore the world of English through the four language pillars – speaking, writing, reading, and listening. But it doesn't stop there. Our modules are crafted to enhance global awareness, with grammar and writing activities that boost language proficiency and cultural understanding.


🔲 Comprehensive Syllabus & Skills Focused

🔲 Personalised & Competent Progression

🔲 Include SDGs and Global Knowledge

🔲 Support Differentiated Learning

🔲 Adaptable for different learning institutions

Ready to embark on your language journey? Join The "STAGES" Program and witness your linguistic skills soar to new heights. Unlock language mastery – one stage at a time.


Duration: Minimum 3 months commitment
Cost: RM15/ student per month
Size: Minimum 30 students

Package: (A) Primary Schools / (B) Secondary Schools

Special packages for schools for level-wide implementation are available. After successful registration, administrators, teachers and students will be given a special login.

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