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Professional Development For Teachers

Are you ready to take your teaching skills to the next level? Join our innovative teacher training course series designed by Leadspire Academy. Our comprehensive workshops focus on enhancing your teaching prowess in three key areas: Communicative Language Teaching, Classroom Management, and Drama in Education.



加入由 Leadspire Academy 设计的教师培训课程系列。


Target Group:

  • Diverse Educators:
    New and experienced teachers from various backgrounds.

  • Enthusiastic Learners:
    Eager to enhance teaching methods and adopt innovation.

  • Classroom Managers:
    Aiming to improve classroom dynamics and management.

  • Language & Drama Advocates:
    Interested in communicative language teaching and drama integration.


  • ToT #1: "Engage & Empower: Communicative Language Teaching"
    Explore dynamic techniques to foster active student participation and language fluency. Learn to create a language-rich environment that encourages meaningful communication.

  • ToT #2: "Mastering Classroom Management: From Chaos to Calm"

    Gain invaluable insights into effective classroom management strategies that establish a positive learning atmosphere. Discover techniques to address behavioral challenges and ensure a focused classroom.

  • ToT #3: "The Dramatic Classroom: Infusing Drama in Education"

    Dive into the world of drama-based teaching. Discover how theatrical techniques can make learning exciting, enhance creativity, and boost students' confidence in language use.

  • ToT #4: "Inclusive Education: Reaching Every Learner"

    Learn methods to create an inclusive classroom where diverse learning needs are met. Gain tools to adapt teaching techniques and materials for diverse student abilities.

  • ToT #5: "Assessment for Learning: Enhancing Student Progress"

    Uncover strategies for effective formative assessment. Learn to use assessment as a tool for understanding student progress and guiding instructional decisions.

Elevate your teaching journey with Leadspire Academy's teacher training workshops. The workshop can be customised for educators from primary/ secondary/ tertiary levels.


Join us to acquire innovative teaching methodologies, practical classroom strategies, and the art of using drama to captivate young minds.

Prepare to ignite your students' love for learning like never before!


Duration: 3 hours per workshop.
Cost: RM150/ teacher (Minimum 10 teachers)
Transport Cost: Free for schools / institutions within Penang/ Kedah. 
(Interstate-travel cost to be included by schools from external states).

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