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  • 12Weeks


Nurturing Leaders, Starts Today! Our Leadership Training program is designed to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making that are necessary for becoming future leaders. Over 20 schools have booked Leadership Training Program to develop their school leaders, students and participants. Our most successful programs include Y-Lead Summit in Kedah and in Penang! Modules Available: 🔲 Commitment 1: Growth Mindset 🔲 Commitment 2: Positve Language 🔲 Commitment 3: Acceptance 🔲 Commitment 4: Commitment to Excellence 🔲 Commitment 5: Goals Setting 🔲 Commitment 6: Advocacy & Curiosity 🔲 Commitment 7: Team Culture 🔲 Commitment 8: Empowerment 🔲 Commitment 9: Resilience 🔲 Commitment 10: Collective Collaboration​ ETHOS: I am the change that I have been waiting for. I am empowered. I am the solution. I wait for no one. I take the driver’s seat.

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RM 200.00


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