May 5, 2019

“To the world, you may be just a teacher,
But to your students, you are a hero.”


A big THANK YOU to Nur Aishah bt Abdullah and other students who have nominated Sir Soon as an Inspirational Teacher in year 2019. Nur Aishah’s story about Sir Soon has won him one of the top prize called McDonald’s Inspirational Teacher Award. Here is a story about Sir Soon written by Aishah.


We are equally thankful and appreciative of the effort that McDonald Malaysia has put in to celebrate the teaching force.


Here’s a message from Sir Soon.


“"Don't let the challenges to bring you down.
Don't let where you come from limit your potential to succeed.
Always aim high. Have faith and FIND YOUR LIGHT."


I always believed that my students have the potential and deserve the rights to achieve excellent education regardless of their background. I hope my fifth year servicing at SMK Lubok Buntar Official as a teacher helped to do that!


Thank you to my inspiring student Nur Aishah for nominating me for Guru Inspirasi Year 2019. I am thankful and grateful that you shared your story about your growth! I am hopeful and I am sure you will go even further than this. I am especially proud when the Marketing Team interviewed you about your learning and growth processes. You have articulated it so well and so eloquently. I hope you hold strong to your ideals and finds more opportunity to shine. You have grown from a shy and negative individual to an inspiring, bright, wise and confident dream chaser. Don't look back. Aim high and reach higher.


Thank you McDonald's Malaysia for organising this special effort in recognising inspiring teachers from all over Malaysia and I am proud and thankful to be selected as one of the teacher. And congratulations to thousands of teachers out there who worked from their hearts and contributed selflessly for their students. I am just one of many out there.


There are so many challenges, sleepless nights, arguments, fights, disagreements and dissatisfaction leading to this point. Teaching is NOT EASY! Thank you to my sister, my family members, my friends, my mentors, my colleagues, my funders and my students who make it worthwhile. Thank you. You know who you are. You gave me support and hope in my darkest times. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you too to my enemy, naysayers, those who judged me, criticised me and devalued me, you made me stronger.

I am extremely proud of being a teacher today, because teachers can find their light too.”





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